Our Mission

We forecast and analyse trends in colour, material and finish for the design industry.

The key to success is hidden in opportunities which lie behind trends interpretation and
spot-on future scenario planning. Knowing trends you can create commercially successful products,
services and innovative business models.

Use today to lead tomorrow.

We help our clients engage with their future consumers, deliver thought-leadership, build and
future-proof brands and create innovation in their industry or category.

Our methodology is based on real research,
genuine discovery and natural instinct.

We believe in communicating our CMF strategic directions through intelligent analysis and beautiful design in both

the physical and the digital way, with the use of inspirational mood boards, key color palettes, materials and details.

Eleonora Saiz is an Italian-Spanish Milano-based designer with a deep expertise on trend, colour and material forecasting.
Eleonora works as CMF Designer in concert with industrial designers and companies to enhance the sensorial qualities of products with the use of Colours, Materials and Finishes.
With a sharp eye honed by years of hands-on experience with international clients she helps brands and businesses anticipate trends and use them to develop products that inspire, tell a story and foresee the market.


Our Mission