June storyline: Digital dreamscape

In recent months we have lived in a limbo halfway between dream and reality, where digital has been the filter through which to experience, travel and escape.
Our mind has wandered incessantly in search of exotic and peaceful places, light years away from today’s difficult and uncertain reality.

This universe of dreams and digital escape in which we have taken refuge is out of time, fluid, surreal, dreamy, alive and powerful.
Here we find surreal products and architectures with an unnatural lightness.
In this sense, materials play a fundamental role in the game of perception: subtle transparencies, see through effect, iridescent surfaces help synergistically to create a dynamic, advanced and lively products’ cosmo.

Impossible not to mention Edoardo Tresoldi, the artist of the Absent Matter, known internationally for his monumental sculptures made of wire mesh.
His ethereal architectures transcend the time-space dimension and narrate a dialogue between Art and World, a visual summary which reveals itself in the fade-out of physical limitations.

The work of the digital artist Yomagick is equally evocative: during his latest trip to Japan he discovered the Itsukushima Shrine. Impressed by the holiness and uniqueness of the place he made a 3D project without any post-production, placing the shrine in the middle of a whimsical landscape.

A dreamlike and visionary world is that represented by Maciek Jasik‘s photography in his project ‘The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables’. The serie aims to introduce the mystical, invisible qualities to fruits and vegetables that have been lost amidst the clamor of nutritional statistics. Each offers its own indelible powers beyond our narrow habits of thought.

If we talk about interior design the example of Recess’ new pop-up store in New York is extremely fitting: a playful and expressive place, featuring sunset hued walls and sensory lighting.

So here is our June storyline: Digital Dreamscape, that aims to re-balance our relationship with technology and realign sensory perceptions though design, colors and introspective digital media. 


June storyline ‘Digital Dreamscape’ proposes a seriously stylish color combination that has an element of mystery and visual drama.

More than any other color, purple symbolizes the dimension of dreamlike and mysticism.
With its many shades it creates a chromatic spectrum of great variety, emphasized by a gradient effect that starts from a purplish pink and reaches a very dark plum. In the color range we also find a peach orange, sweet and delicate, which illuminates and lightens the intensity of the extraspectral purple colors.

The ‘Digital Dreamscape’ color palette shows intense and vivid colors that vary in terms of brightness to favor the generation of surprising color contrasts.

Immerse yourself in the world of DIGITAL DREAMSCAPE and discover the color of the month: PANTONE 1915 C

The pantone 1915 C best represents the essence of the June storyline: Digital Dreamscape.
With its expressive power and extraordinary appearance it brings us to the border between dream and reality.

Materials and finishes

To translate the atmosphere of the Digital Dreamscape mood into materials and finishes, we must move away from the canons of tradition to embrace the dimension of the Extraordinary.

The materials we find in this universe are technologically advanced and have a focus on the sensory experience.
They often belong to the dimension of phygital, which combines physical (and therefore analog) interaction with the digital thanks to new and immersive technologies.
This is the case, for example, of BMW Natural Interaction unveiled at CES 2020. The new form of interactivity was found within the seats, which featured three-dimensional knitted surface with embedded smart materials. By simply touching this material, it allows a new form of in-car control. A great concept for the future of mobility.

But in the world of ‘Digital Dreamscape’ there is no limit to the dream and the surfaces of materials can even be imagined.
This is why we love the imaginative universes of visual artists such as Rutger Paulusse who creates wonderful surface translucencies through the use of gradients and lights, or Rik Oostenbroek who gives life to dynamic chromatic transitions in a mysterious and dark atmosphere.


Our Mission