FW 20/21 Fashion shows

The emerging trends from the FW 2020 collections tell a story of a society divided between sacred and profane, established boundaries and desire for adventure, a look for the future and a strong attachment to the past.

1. The fascinating unknown

Fashion brands bring on the catwalk the fears of the today’s society, which is wondering how to face the future and new threats. Maximum protection in clothing seems to guarantee a safe haven, creating a sensory barrier against the world.
CMF directions: advanced materials, high-fashion contaminations, comfortable textiles


2. The antique lace

The past becomes a source of inspiration for new contemporary aesthetics. In this trend we are immersed in a world of old and romantic laces: white, pure and extremely nostalgic.
CMF directions: fine working on lace, delicate and light fabrics, white and faded colors


3. The sacred mysticism

Fashion brands celebrate the sacred and the profane, with specific references to Christian iconography and to mysticism. Spiritual themes are reworked and made tangible on the catwalk.
CMF directions: antique materials’ revival, in-depth iconographic research, emphasis on decorative elements


4. The desert expedition

The FW 2020 collections rethink the theme of travel and show us a fashion ready for an expedition in the desert (maybe that of Mars?) halfway between Bedouins and galactic soldiers.
CMF directions: technical fabrics, sportswear contaminations, sand and earth colors


5. The border tracks

The theme of the border, sometimes inconsistent, sometimes clear and unchallengeable, is interpreted by fashion houses as a clean cut that divides two worlds.
But despite it, the pieces stay united…
CMF directions: material mishmash, opposite tactile sensations, strong color contrast


Material trends

Which materials are the main protagonists of the fall winter 2020/21 fashion shows and how are they processed?

1. Leather

Leather has proven to be a material full of expressiveness and character: fashion brands have decided to reinterpret it with new treatments, printing techniques and original color combinations.


2. Knitted wool

Among the most traditional fashion techniques we cannot mention the knitted wool.
The typically artisan feeling, together with the use of warm and natural colors makes it one of the materials heroes for fall/winter 2020.


3. Plumage

Feathers have long been a source of inspiration, for both their mystery and their beauty.
In Fall 2020 plumage will make its entrance as surprising and ironic decorative element, echoing the rampant years of the 1900s.


4. Fur

Fur is being used by designers in a number of surprising ways. This season brands debut furry coats in vibrant colors to liven up the colder season. Material combinations are also new: we find fur mixed with leather and heavy cottons to create unexpected tactile contrasts.


5. Lace

Although a timeless classic for special occasions, lace is one of the biggest trends this season.
The runways were full of romantic threadwork whether sheer and tiered, thigh-skimming in frilled layers, or sleek and nostalgic.